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Vol. 27, núm. 53 (2015) The Argentina-Uruguay Border Space: A Geographical Description Resumen   PDF (English)
Vol. 27, núm. 53 (2015) Income Differences on Mexico’s Northern Border: A Perspective on Formal and Informal Employment Resumen   PDF (English)
Vol. 27, núm. 53 (2015) Immigrants and Cross-Border Workers in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region Resumen   PDF (English)
Vol. 26, núm. 52 (2014) Looking for el Pozolero's Traces: Identity and Liminal Condition in the War on Drug's Disappearances Resumen   PDF (English)
Vol. 26, núm. 52 (2014) Road Transport Infrastructure and Manufacturing Location: An Empirical Evidence and Comparative Study between Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)
Vol. 26, núm. 52 (2014) The Wine Clusters of Mendoza and Serra Gaúcha: A Local Development Perspective Resumen   PDF (English)
María Verónica ALDERETE
Vol. 24, núm. 48 (2012) Mexico–U.S. Scientific Collaboration in Nanotechnology Resumen   PDF (English)
Guillermo Foladori, Édgar Záyago, Richard Appelbaum, Rachel Parker
Vol. 24, núm. 47 (2012) Vulnerability Factors in the Middle Class: Evidence for Argentina and Mexico after the Crisis of the 1990s Resumen   PDF (English)
Gabriela Liliana Galassi, Leandro Mariano González
Vol. 24, núm. 47 (2012) The Criminalization of Oaxaca Social Movement: Some Reflections Resumen   PDF (English)
Miguel Ángel Vite Pérez
Vol. 23, núm. 46 (2011) Water Scarcity and Degradation in the Rio San Juan Watershed of Northeastern Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)
José de Jesús Návar Cháidez
Vol. 22, núm. 44 (2010) Distribution of the Waters of the Rio Grande between Mexico and the United States in the Fort Quitman-Ciudad Juarez Area Resumen   PDF (English)
José Luis Escobedo Sagaz, Rosario Haydee Pérez Espejo
Vol. 22, núm. 44 (2010) Collective actions in the face of violence. Disquisitions based on a case study: Comuna 13 in Medellín (Colombia) Resumen   PDF (English)
Mary Luz Alzate Zuluaga
Vol. 22, núm. 43 (2010) Family Support and Pregnancy Behavior among Women in Two Border Mexican Cities Resumen   PDF (English)
Leticia E. Fernández, Alison Newby
Vol. 22, núm. 43 (2010) Theoretical and Methodological Contributions of a Multi-Situated Approach and the Analysis of Migration Routes: The Example of Migration between Morocco and Canada Resumen   PDF (English)
Stéphanie Garneau
Vol. 29, núm. 57 (2017) Border Cities and Urban Expansion: The Case of Zarumilla and Aguas Verdes on the Peru‐Ecuador Border Resumen   PDF (English)   XML (English)
Manuel Dammert Guardia, Viktor Bensús
Vol. 29, núm. 57 (2017) Working and Giving Birth in the United States: Changing Strategies of Transborder Life in the North of Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)   XML (English)
Eunice D. Vargas Valle, Marie - Laure Coubès
Vol. 29, núm. 57 (2017) Health Services Provision for Migrants Repatriated through Tijuana, Baja California: Inter-agency Cooperation and Response Capacity Resumen   PDF (English)   XML (English)
Yetzi Rosales Martínez, Letza Bojorquez Chapela, René Leyva Flores, César Infante Xibille
Vol. 29, núm. 57 (2017) Evaluation of Local Government Performance and Presidential Approval in Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)   XML (English)
Alejandra Armesto
Vol. 21, núm. 41 (2009) The All-American Canal Lining Dispute: An American Resolution over Mexican Groundwater Rights? Resumen   PDF (English)
Alfonso A. Cortez Lara, Megan K. Donovan, Scott Whiteford
Vol. 19, núm. 37 (2007) NGO Transborder Organizations San Diego-Tijuana and Vancouver-Seattle Regions Resumen   PDF (English)
Lawrence D. Taylor
Vol. 19, núm. 37 (2007) Compromised Birth Outcomes in the Mexican-Origin Population at the U. S.-Mexico Border Resumen   PDF (English)
Raúl S. González R.
Vol. 18, núm. 36 (2006) LNG in the Northwestern Coast of Mexico Impact on Natural Gas on Both Sides of the U. S.-Mexico Border Resumen   PDF (English)
Sophie Meritet, Juan Rosellón, Alberto Elizalde
Vol. 18, núm. 36 (2006) 1944 Water Treaty Between Mexico and the United States: Present Situation and Future Potential Resumen   PDF (English)
Anabel Sánchez
Vol. 15, núm. 29 (2003) The Mexico-Guatemala Border: New Controls on Transborder Migrations in View of Recent Integration Schemes? Resumen   PDF (English)
Manuel Ángel Castillo
Vol. 15, núm. 29 (2003) Tijuana's Dynamic Unemployment and Output Growth Resumen   PDF (English)
Alejandro Díaz-Bautista
Vol. 14, núm. 28 (2002) Crossing the Topographies of Modernity in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: Towards an Ethnography of “Out of Place” Ideas Resumen   PDF (English)
Olivier Thomas Kramsch
Vol. 14, núm. 28 (2002) Education in a Global Age. An Inter-California Strategy for the Tijuana-San Diego Region Resumen   PDF (English)
Olga A. Vásquez
Vol. 14, núm. 28 (2002) Air Pollution Beyond Boundaries: Opportunities for Ecological Modernization in Paso del Norte Resumen   PDF (English)
Ricardo Santes Álvarez
Vol. 13, núm. 25 (2001) Implications of the PRI's First Presidential Primary. A View from Ciudad Júarez Resumen   PDF (English)
Steven Barracca
Vol. 14, núm. 27 (2002) From Civic Association to Political Participation: Mexican Hometown Associations and Mexican Immigrant Political Empowerment in Los Angeles Resumen   PDF (English)
Carol Zabin, Luis Escala
Vol. 14, núm. 27 (2002) Medical Compliance and Childhood Asthma on the Mexican Border: "They Think You Are God" Resumen   PDF (English)
Norah Schwartz
Vol. 14, núm. 27 (2002) Bridging the Gulf: A Critical Note on Borderlands Scholarship and the Southeastern United States in the New Millennium Detalles   PDF (English)
Evan R. Ward
Vol. 13, núm. 26 (2001) Salt of the River, Salt of the Earth. Politics, Science and Ecological Diplomacy in the Mexicali Valley (1961-1965) Resumen   PDF (English)
Evan Ward
Vol. 12, núm. 24 (2000) Convergence and economic growth in Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)
Alejandro Díaz Bautista
Vol. 16, núm. 31 (2004) Am my Language. Discourses of Women & Children in the Borderlands, Resumen   PDF (English)
Fiamma Montezemolo
Vol. 9, núm. 17 (1997) Reshaping Empowerment: The Relevance of Violence within the New International Division of Labor Debate Resumen   PDF (English)
Ana Bergareche
Vol. 7, núm. 13 (1995) Demographic Atlas, San Diego/Tijuana, Atlas Demográfico Resumen   PDF (English)
James Curry
Vol. 6, núm. 12 (1994) Gender Differences in Wages and Human Capital: Case Study of Female and Male Urban Workers in Mexico from 1984 to 1992 Resumen   PDF (English)
Diana Alarcón, Terry McKinley
Vol. 5, núm. 9 (1993) Enterprise and labor markets: the border and the metropolitan areas Resumen   PDF (English)
Bryan Roberts
Vol. 2, núm. 4 (1990) The binational survey in San Diego and Tijuana Resumen   PDF (English)
John R. Weeks
Vol. 1, núm. 2 (1989) Mexico's northern border region and U.S. relations Resumen   PDF (English)
Raúl Fernández
Vol. 1, núm. 2 (1989) U.S. periodical reporting on Mexico, 1960-1985 Resumen   PDF (English)
Norris C. Clement, Iliana L. Sonntag
Vol. 1, núm. 2 (1989) Regionalism and the middle class: The case of Hermosillo, Sonora Resumen   PDF (English)
Olivia Ruiz
Vol. 1, núm. 1 (1989) Migrants and settlers: a comparison of undocumented Mexican and central americans in the United States Resumen   PDF (English)
Leo R. Chavez, Estevan T. Flores, Marta López-Garza
Vol. 1, núm. 1 (1989) Issues and sources in spanish language TV: a comparison of Noticiero Univisión and NBC Evening News Resumen   PDF (English)
José Carlos Lozano
Vol. 26, núm. 3e (2014) State, Migration, and Borders’ Fabric in the Middle East Resumen   PDF (English)
Mohamed Kamel Doraï
Vol. 13, núm. 26 (2001) ''El Cosmopolita" de Kansas City (1914-1919) Un peri6dico para mexicanos Resumen   PDF
Jorge A. Durand, Michael M. Smith
Vol. 19, núm. 37 (2007) 2006-2012: ¿El sexenio del empleo? Resumen   PDF
Ernesto Peralta
Vol. 9, núm. 18 (1997) A la brava ése. Identidades juveniles en México: cholos, punks y chavos banda, México Resumen   PDF
Jorge Gustavo Mendoza
Vol. 9, núm. 18 (1997) A Note on Chicano-Mexicano Cultural Capital: African-American Icons and Symbols in Chicano Art Resumen   PDF (English)
Amelia Malagamba Ansótegui
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